14 Spiritist Groups in California

Spiritist groups, or Spiritist societies as they are sometimes also called, are places at which people come together to learn and talk about Spiritism. They are organized and maintained by volunteers and are always free of charge. Groups often offer many different opportunities for the study and practice of Spiritism, such as lectures, study groups, and volunteering opportunities. To find out more about Spiritism in person, visit one of California's Spiritist groups! 

Looking for a Spiritist group in California? Want to learn more about Spiritism?

There are currently 14 active Spiritist Groups in California:

  • 3 in the Sacramento area;
  • 4 in the Bay Area;
  • 1 in the Central Valley;
  • 2 in greater Los Angeles;
  • 1 in Orange County; and
  • 3 in San Diego. 

Please contact the group you are interested in or visit its website for the most up-to-date information about activities, location, and meeting times. 

Do you know of a group that is not listed here? Let us know! 

If you need help locating a group near you, please call or text 213-337-7878.