Looking for a Spiritist Group in California?

There are currently 12 active Spiritist Groups throughout California offering in person or virtual activities.
To find one close to you or a virtual option, visit the Spiritist Groups section of our website.

Looking to Learn More About Spiritism?

If you are new to Spiritism or would simply like to know more, please visit our Spiritism and Resources pages. You can also reach us on social media or via our Contact page if you have questions. Please also consider subscribing to our quarterly newsletter to be kept in the loop of the latest events and happenings in California. 

Latest News & Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented us from coming together in larger events these past years, but we hope to do so again soon. In the meantime, please consider joining our newsletter or visiting a Spiritist Group near you. 


We’d love to keep you updated with the latest news about Spiritism in California.

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