Chico Xavier Spiritist Society was founded in April 2006 and has as its purpose the constant study, practice, and dissemination of Spiritism as first compiled by Allan Kardec. The Society is active in conducting spiritual, moral, and material assistance programs to benefit and empower persons in need.

Located in El Sobrante, the Chico Xavier Spiritist Society offers 2 different free classes: Systematic Study of Spiritism and Mediumship classes. The group also offers Fraternal Counseling and Laying of Hands. Please contact the Chico Xavier Spiritist Society for more information.

Contact Information

Phone: 415-235-4703


  • 6:30pm – Open Study of the Gospel

  •  7:00pm – Announcements and Public Lecture

Note: The 1st Tuesday of every month the public lecture will be in English.  Other days in Portuguese.

  • 7:45pm – Laying on of Hands Healing

We will continue irradiation for brothers & sisters in need of spiritual assistance.  If you would like to add names to the list, please e-mail the names to

We offer fraternal conversation in person. If you would like to talk to someone or need any assistance, call Marivone at (415) 235-4703. 

For more information please call Marivone at (415) 235-4703. 


4674 Appian Way
El Sobrante, CA 94803

Please check with the group for the most up-to-date list of activities and locations.

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